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***********THIS IS NOT A BLACK SERPENT SUN RELEASE************** READ BELOW***************
Recorded using a primitive 8 track machine on location in a woodland area where I worked for a while, I honestly felt a connection to the place that I cannot describe - something stirred within when I walked in this place, like I had been there before. I decided one night to go there with a friend who shall remain nameless and set up my cheapo equipment and just see what came out. this whole thing took until the early hours and was only ever really released in the form of cassettes given to likeminded people, I never meant for it to be anything other than what it is, hopefully this will give a little insight into the forthcoming Kolbladnyr releases and serve as a reminder of where it all came from. Also a reminder that at one point many years ago very cold bald guy sat for hours in the dark woods with only a lot of wires, batteries and a recently released criminal making something that can only be described in the most flexible terms as music.


released October 31, 2004




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Black Serpent Sun UK

'The many worlds within dreams, upon which we tread silently, hold many wonders and many horrors. The vast majority who awake from these nocturnal wanderings take nothing with them, but there are those whom are touched by the hands of ancestral memory - sparking a dim flame of birthright that, with time shall awaken the sleeping tyrant within.' ... more

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